Downtown Luxury Dealerships – Salt Lake Rescue Mission Women’s Center

June 21st, 2022 by

Our female employees from the downtown block dealerships decided to give back to the Salt Lake Rescue Mission women’s center.

Salt Lake Rescue Mission Women’s Center- New Life Program-
A safe place where women and women with children can find safety from abusive relationships, counseling for addiction, and the love of Jesus. The Women’s Center is home to our New Life Program for women and also provides homeless and low-income women access to emergency shelter, food, clothing, job placement, and more.

Our female employees from our luxury dealerships will be treating the women enrolled in the new life program to a little pampering. We’ll be shopping for needed clothes, makeup, and shoes to help them prepare for job interviews, and getting their feet under them. After that, we’ll be having lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley square. Lastly, we’ll finish up our “girls day” with some hair and makeup at Mid-City-Salon, where these women will be pampered with a private event. (Also in Trolley Square)

When we approached the Salt Lake City Rescue Mission and the Women’s Center we tried to explore a meaningful project that would be impactful for the women who are committing to changing their lives and we discussed how sometimes the women feel less than or shame, and so we came up with this idea to treat them as any other woman who wants a “girls day” with their friends. We’re hoping by spending the day with them, we all can have empathy and understanding and befriend them. We want them to feel loved and valued, and we hope in some small way this day will help them to stay on the path and program to better their life. Our employees are looking forward to interacting and befriending these women in the program. It will be mutually beneficial for both parties. #WH4Y

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